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your strength and flexibility

Balance yourself with the world's most powerful yoga series for all levels of fitness. 


This time-tested method of hatha yoga heals stubborn conditions that modern medicine can't touch without drugs or surgery. 

Join our meditation and learn to soothe your own mind, Strengthen your spine to keep it healthy and flexible, and increase the strength and mobility of your entire body.  



• All levels of fitness
• People of all ages 18+
• People of all shapes, sizes and colors

• People of all conditions

Stomach Ache


• Anxiety

• Back Pain

• Poor Sleep

• Lack Of Flexibility 

• Muscle Weakness

• Chronic Pain
• Poor Lung Function

• Thyroid Imbalances

• Gout

• C.O.P.D.

• P.M.S.

• I.B.S.

• E.D.

• Incontinence

• Past Injury Pain

• More


We are a non-denominational style of yoga not unlike this idea in martial arts. 

We are independent, locally owned, and operated based on mutual respect.


We do not belong to any franchise, nor do we pay royalties to anyone.

We do not abuse the nervous system with extreme sauna-level temperatures. Excessive heat and humidity should not be required to do yoga poses!

We have plenty of parking right out front.

All classes are the full 90-minute, Bikram method yoga.

Our yoga room flooring is waterproof and anti-microbial. No funk. We promise!

The heater was replaced in 2021 with updated air quality standards; there is always 25% fresh outside air circulated into the room.

We have showers on site.



Kate M.

"I recently moved to Fort Collins from California, and I was looking for a Bikram Yoga studio. I was SO happy to find Moxi Yoga Works! April, the owner, is a terrific yoga instructor and she teaches most of the classes. It is a wonderful studio and a great community. Everyone is so warm and welcoming, and the instruction is top-notch (not those mean yoga teachers that yell at you!). I go regularly and highly recommend this studio! It is keeping me healthy and fit. Thank you, April, for making me feel at home here in Fort Collins. I have a new yoga community!"

Dana DeMarco

"This particular yoga practice has been life changing for me ergo I’m so thankful for this studio and their fabulous teachers! Being able to practice the same postures over and over again has strengthened my yoga practice in all facets. The teachers here are knowledgeable, welcoming, and they also keep you safe on your mat; they’re all very attentive, it’s quite impressive, actually! I would recommend this studio to everyone, as it is truly a place to heal and maintain within a lovely community of like minded souls."

Jocelyn Nowak

“Really wonderful experience. Have tried out a lot of studios in FoCo and will be sticking with Moxi for the long haul, traditional Bikram hot yoga is the way to go when it comes to personal growth and development physically and mentally. Thank you Moxi team for keeping hot yoga alive in the best way!"

Sara Barnard

"Love love love this studio. If you are thinking about trying it out, please do. Give yourself a few classes to get used to the heat and the postures. I've been a runner and played all kinds of sports and I've dabbled in weight lifting. This hot yoga has been the best thing I've ever done for my body. Strength and flexibility and toning and JUST FEELING SO DAMN GOOD! This studio is so inviting, everyone is friendly and welcoming; it's a great place for beginners and seasoned yogis alike. Highly recommend!"
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